If your users have licenses for Microsoft Teams and another platform like Slack, Webex, or Zoom Team Chat, but their email addresses are different than the ones they have for Teams, follow the steps below before importing teams in Connect Platforms.

How to add a secondary email address to users with licenses on multiple platforms

Step 1

Log in to portal.azure.com with your Microsoft Teams admin account.

Navigate to the Users page.

Step 2

Click on the name of a user that has two different email addresses. Click Edit at the top.

Step 3

Under the Job Info section, paste the user's Slack/Webex/Zoom email address in an empty field.

You may use any of the following fields to house alternate email addresses:

  • City, Company Name, Country, Department, Fax Number, Given Name, Job Title, Mobile Phone, Office Location, Postal Code, State, Street Address, Surname

  • NOTE: Make sure you use this same field for all users that have secondary email addresses.

Step 4

Contact your Mio Customer Success Manager once you have finished filling in the email addresses for all your users and let them know which field you used in Step 3.

You are now ready to import your teams in the Mio Hub!

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