What is Channel Sync?

Channel Sync connects an organization's channels or spaces between multiple chat platforms.

If you haven't already:

  1. Complete the steps in Configure Microsoft Teams for Mio to ensure your tenant is set up correctly.

  2. Add Teams and at least one other platform to the Connect Center to continue.

Import your Microsoft Teams teams

Step 1

Sign in with your admin account at to access the Mio Hub.

Step 2

On the left sidebar, navigate to Channel Sync > Import Teams and Channels.

Step 3

Click Select teams to the right of Microsoft Teams.

Step 4

Select the teams that house the channels you would like to sync.

Click the green Import teams and channels button to confirm.

  • TIP: If you need help during the importation process, check out the resource library at the bottom of the Import teams and channels page.

Step 5

Mio will direct you back to the Channel Sync > Import team and channels page. Please wait for the import process to be finished. The orange clock symbol signifies that Mio is still working.

Step 6

Once your Microsoft Teams teams have been imported, click Select Teams (Webex) or Import channels (Zoom Team Chat, Slack) to the right of your secondary platform.

  • For Zoom Team Chat and Slack, Mio will import your entire workspace and all included channels once Import channels is selected.

  • For Webex, Mio will ask you to select the teams you would like to import, similar to Microsoft Teams.

Step 7

Repeat Step 4 to import your secondary platform's teams and channels.

You can return to Channel Sync > Import teams and channels at any time to Add or Edit your imported teams and channels.

You are now ready to move on and sync specific teams and channels for cross-platform messaging.

Sync your Microsoft Teams channels

Step 1

On the Channel Sync page, navigate to the Sync channels tab. You can also click the Sync channels button on the Import teams and channels page.

Step 2

Check the boxes of the teams and workspaces that you would like to connect across platforms.

Click Continue.

Step 3

When selecting channels to sync, you have two options: Add or Sync.

  • When you hover over a channel and click Add, Mio will create a new channel in the opposite team/workspace with the same name.

  • When you hover over a channel and click Sync for two existing channels, Mio will map the two channels on the different platforms.

Once you finish adding or connecting the channels, click Sync Channels.

You will be able to edit existing syncs or add new syncs in Channel Sync at any time.

Congrats! Your colleagues are now able to send cross-platform messages in those synced channels.

Tips and best practices

My private channel did not show up on the channel list.

If you have a private channel that you want to sync across platforms, add the Mio app/bot as a member of that channel and then re-import that team or workspace in the Connect Center.

When you go back to the Sync channels page, you should see the private channel in the list.

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