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Here you will find a set of email templates to smoothly onboard your end users to Mio. While it is a simple process that takes only a few minutes, it is imperative that your end users sync their accounts when prompted by Mio. If this is not complete, cross-platform messaging will be unsuccessful.

It is our hope that these templates make the introductory process easy and organized.

There are three emails and a channel post in this template. Copy paste the items and customize them to suit the needs of your organization. They include:

  • Channel post: introduction to Mio and sync date, to be pinned to your org-wide channel

  • Email #1: introducing Mio to your end users

  • Email #2: setting a deployment date and preview of the Mio sync prompt

  • Email #3: deployment date arrival, instructions on how to sync for cross-platform chat

Thank you for choosing Mio. Whether your organization uses Slack, Zoom Team Chat, Microsoft Teams, or Webex, we look forward to being your partners in efficient and dynamic collaboration.

How to use these templates

As these are platform agnostic templates, you will need to personalize them by inputting your organization's platforms. For platform specific templates, refer to the following links:

Continue reading if you prefer to use this template version.

Replace [platform A] with your users’ primary chat platform. A primary platform is the “home base,” the app that they use most often. Replace [platform B] with your users’ secondary platform. A secondary platform is the one to which messages need to be sent.

We have also included screenshots of the prompt that your user will receive on sync day on all four platforms. Please delete the platform screenshots that are irrelevant to your organization.

Please replace [date] with your organization's sync date.

Channel Post

Pin this to the top of your org-wide channel a month before deployment


WHO: All employees

WHAT: We will be implementing Mio, a software that enables cross-platform messaging between [Platform A] and [Platform B]. With few exceptions, the chat experience that Mio provides is native. This means that your [Platform A] experience will not change, even as messages are sent to [Platform B].

WHY: We understand that it has been a challenge communicating with colleagues on [Platform B] while remaining on [Platform A]. With Mio, we look forward to seeing the following:

  • Reduction of workplace silos

  • Streamlined workflow and improved efficiency, less time wasted switching between apps

  • Increased communication and collaboration

WHEN: Our sync date will be [date].

HOW: Setting up Mio requires very little of your time, with no additional app to be installed. That said, on [date] you will receive a Mio prompt on [Platform A] with simple instructions that take less than 5 minutes to complete.

Please accept this prompt. If you do not, cross-platform messaging will not be enabled.

If you have any questions, please respond to this message or reach out to the IT department directly. Please react to this message to let us know you’ve seen it.

Email #1: Intro to Mio

Send two weeks before deployment

Subject: Introducing Mio


Our company is in the process of deploying Mio, a software that provides cross-platform chat interoperability. Mio will enable you to stay on [platform A] while communicating with colleagues on [platform B].

We hope that Mio will make your lives easier. And the best part is that you’ll hardly notice that it’s there. With no additional app to install and a native chat experience, Mio saves time and maximizes efficiency by bridging the gap from [platform A] to [platform B].

The implementation process will occur primarily on the admin level and requires no action from you at the moment. That said, stay tuned for upcoming emails walking you through a few simple steps required to get Mio set up for each account.

To learn more, please visit the Mio website.


IT department

Email #2: Preview of deployment date & process

Send one week before deployment

Subject: It's almost time to get connected with Mio


You may remember an email from a couple weeks ago introducing Mio, a software that enables cross-platform chat interoperability. We are getting closer to our deployment date and wanted to put a couple of things on your radar.

Our deployment date will be [date]. On [date], you will receive a prompt from Mio that looks like this:

Microsoft Teams



Zoom Team Chat

This is a legitimate message from Mio and is necessary to enable cross-platform chat. Once you receive this message, please click “Sync my account.”

We are excited to begin working with Mio and will follow up with one final reminder email on [date].


IT department

Email #3: Deployment date arrival & instructions

Send on your deployment date

Subject: It's time to connect with Mio


Today is our Mio deployment date. With Mio, you’ll be able to chat from [platform A] to colleagues on [platform B].

You will have received a prompt from the Mio bot that looks like this:

Microsoft Teams



Zoom Team Chat

Click “Sync/link my account” and follow the instructions. This will take less than 5 minutes. Once complete, the Mio bot will send you a confirmation prompt.

If you do not complete these steps, cross-platform messaging will be unsuccessful. Please sync your account by today.

We are confident that Mio will make communication easier and more efficient. We look forward to hearing how it benefits your workflow.

If you have any questions, please reach out to IT support.


IT department


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to your Mio rep for support.

We are also happy to work with you to customize these templates as needed.

Should there be additional material needed for end user onboarding, let us know and we'll do our best to provide it promptly.

For admins: get started with deployment

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